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Since 1992 Canning Hunger has developed a variety of food collection strategies to help volunteers and organizations make a difference in the fight against hunger right in their own communities.
Those strategies range from one person taking one can of food to their local food bank to large numbers of individuals or large groups of individuals conducting food collections that result in millions of pounds of food.
Churches, schools, companies, corporations, clubs, and sports teams are just a few of the teams that Canning Hunger partners with to serve the needy, the homeless, the lost and forgotten, the widows and the orphans.


"Dedicate at least one day once a year

to help fight hunger in America"



Our experience is what we use to help you design a project that is exactly what you are looking for.  We help sort out the details of bags and boxes, flyers and handouts, instructions and training, and everything else it takes to be successful.  Some people have said that if they looked up the words "Turn Key"...our picture would be there.


So, whenever you're ready to "Take The Canning Hunger Challenge",

contact us and let us help you get started.


On top of that...all of our services are FREE!

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