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About us...

​Canning Hunger was founded with the goal of restoring people to nutritional fitness and healthy well being while ending the demoralizing conditions caused by hunger.


In 1992, founder Norman Whan read a news article stating that the local food bank was out of food and was asking the public for help.


He wondered how that was possible in Orange County California, one of the richest communities on the planet, but, nonetheless he grabbed some non-perishable items from his cupboard and decided to ask a few of his neighbors to do the same thing.


Norm was overwhelmed when every neighbor who opened the door responded with several items from their abundance as well.  Canning Hunger was born that day.


Since then, Canning Hunger has spread to all 50 states where thousands of volunteers have conducted neighborhood food collections that have resulted in millions of meals for hungry kids and their families in America.


Canning Hunger has been celebrated in variety of news articles and books and has received many awards for its work. In 2002, Canning Hunger was selected by Disneyland Community Resorts Hotels as the top social service agency in Orange County, California.



The mission of Canning Hunger is to motivate, recruit, train, equip, and deploy a network of individuals and organizations to join us in the fight against hunger in America!!


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